Founded in 1974, the Historic Natchez Foundation has worked to preserve and tell the story of Natchez while stimulating development through the rehabilitation of historic properties.

Foundation Engagement

Prepared National Register nominations for eight historic districts throughout the city

Provided tax incentives and grant eligibility and assisted with hundreds of rehabilitation of historic properties

Rehabilitated historic houses for affordable housing through the Heritage Housing Program

Stimulated development and confidence in downtown through the Storefront Rehabilitation Program

Preserved endangered historic properties through their acquisition, restoration, and resale

Preserved and cataloged historic public records through the Courthouse Records Project

Provided historical information and encouragement to hundreds of people about benefits of historic preservation

Cataloged decorative arts and promoted Natchez through the Historic Natchez Collection of Reproductions

Historic Preservation Assistance

Since 1979, the Historic Natchez Foundation has listed over 1,000 historic buildings in the National Register of Historic Places. National Register listing is a prerequisite for federal and state grant funding and tax credits for rehabilitating historic buildings. The Foundation has provided technical assistance to several hundred property owners and filed successful applications for grant and/or tax credit funding for almost two hundred projects. Increased financial support will allow the Foundation to hire added professional staff to increase the number of buildings eligible for incentives and to provide the technical assistance necessary for historic property owners to receive the maximum financial benefit.

Historic Preservation Acquisition

The Historic Natchez Foundation has optioned or acquired more than fifty historic properties that would otherwise been demolished. The Foundation only acquires properties unlikely to be preserved by private enterprise. The Foundation owned Memorial Hall for 17 years before it found new life as a federal courthouse. The Ritz Theatre is the city’s most significant Art Deco building and needs substantial investment to insure its preservation. With increased funding for preservation, the Foundation could buy, rehabilitate, and finance the sales of numerous deteriorated and endangered buildings throughout the city.


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