Historic Natchez

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  • Saving History

    Prentiss Club donated to Historic Natchez Foundation

    The future of the Prentiss Club is now in the hands of the Historic Natchez Foundation. Read More

  • Historic Images

    R.E. Bost, pictured in his Hupmobile outside his 709 N. Rankin Street residence.

    Robert Edgar Bost came to Natchez in 1890 as supervisor of construction for M.T. Lewman Construction Company Read More

  • Gone But Not Forgotten

    Natchez Drug Company Explosion

    The narrative of this architecturally significant structure took a decidedly dark turn on Saturday morning March 14, 1908. Read More

  • Historic Figures

    John R. Lynch: Dunleith's Most Famous Resident.

    Born into enslavement in 1847, Lynch was sold and eventually relocated to Dunleith in 1859. Read More

  • Historic Figures

    WWI "Buffalo Solider" 1st LT M.D. Jonathan N. Rucker

    On April 6, 1917, the United States officially entered World War I after Congress swiftly passed a Declaration of War against Germany. Read More

  • Historic Images

    Natchez Had Trolleys?

    Animal-drawn trolleys arrived in Natchez in 1886. Read More

  • Preservation Projects

    The Kyle House Restoration Project: Before and After

    The nineteenth-century history connected to this house highlights the life of a free African American family in antebellum Natchez. Read More

  • Gone But Not Forgotten

    Dr. Beekman Residence: A Lost Treasure

    One of Natchez's beautiful non-extant homes. Read More

  • Buildings

    Mississippi's Finest Second Empire Residence

    Glen Auburn, built as the residence of Christian Schwartz in 1875... Read More

  • Saving History

    Prentiss Club Restoration Through Photographs

    A year after the fire. Read More

  • Preservation Projects

    The Lengthy Rehabilitation of Memorial Hall

    Natchez's United States Courthouse has a history you might not know... Read More

  • Historic Figures

    Turn-of-the-century Architect Robert Edgar Bost

    R.E. Bost apparently came to Natchez as supervisor of construction for the M.T. LEWMAN CONSTRUCTION CO. when they were building the Natchez Hotel in 1891. Read More


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