On April 6, 1917, the United States officially entered World War I after Congress swiftly passed a Declaration of War against Germany.

Many African Americans rushed to defend their country, Natchez's own Jonathan N. Rucker being one of them. 1st LT M.D. Rucker served in the "Buffalo Soldiers" division, one of two segregated divisions, the 92nd and 93rd. The 92nd "Buffalo Soldiers" division was mostly regulated to logistical duties behind the front lines. However, several parts of the 92nd saw combat action in France.

In this portrait, you can make out 1st LT M.D. Rucker's "Buffalo Soldiers" patch as well as his caduceus/Staff of Hermes pin signifying his role as a military doctor. Additionally, Mr. Rucker pastored at Rose Hill Baptist Church on Madison Street.


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