Membership is open to all who seek to preserve the best of the past to create a brighter future by preserving and promoting the special character of the Natchez region.

Donors may wish to consider becoming “Pillars of Support,” higher levels of giving that include special member benefits. Contact the Foundation to learn how you personally or your business might benefit from joining at one of the higher levels.

Membership Level

  • Student - $20.00

  • Senior Citizen - $35.00

  • Individual - $50.00

  • Family - $100.00

Pillars of Support

  • Tuscan Order - $500.00

  • Doric Order - $1,000.00

  • Ionic Order - $2,500.00

  • Corinthian Order - $5,000.00

  • Portico - $10,000.00

    The highest level of membership, includes automatic sponsorship of the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race with two hotel rooms for two nights; free use of a Natchez mansion for a special event; exclusive 3-hour tours with lunch conducted by the executive director or director emeritus; and other special benefits enjoyed by some or all levels of the Pillars of Support.

  • Custom Amount

Planning for the Future

The Historic Natchez Foundation looks forward to the rehabilitation and development of the Natchez Institute as a museum and archival center that interprets and preserves the history of Natchez. The 1901 Natchez Institute is the oldest surviving public school building in Natchez. The Foundation acquired the downtown building as its headquarters in 1992 and has substantially invested in its preservation and rehabilitation.

Architectural plans designate the entire first story of the building as museum exhibit space with each classroom dedicated to interpreting themes of Natchez history. The large, central hallway will feature rotating exhibits. The second story will house offices, meeting rooms, and research facilities. Elevator access has already been installed. In November 2018, the Foundation completed a year-long project to create a certified archival space in the basement of the Institute. The basement features climate control and fire suppression as well as dedicated storage rooms for collections from across the state of Mississippi.

The Foundation enjoys a strong working partnership with the Natchez National Historical Park and the two entities share archival and museum storage facilities. Help us make this museum and archival center a reality and contribute to our heritage tourism economy and the cultural enrichment of the Natchez community.


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