The Natchez Baking Company operated during the second half of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. The company advertised itself as a very sanitary operation with modern equipment and a wide array of delicious products. Located at 201-203 South Commerce Street, the building is today the home of United Mississippi Bank. The main store (first image) fronted South Commerce Street with accessory buildings to its rear. The second image (c. 1900) is a view of the interior of the bake house located behind the main building. An essay submitted by Mrs. Maude K. Barton to the Natchez Democrat as part of a contest in August 1919 describes nearly every detail of the bread-making process and the role of the equipment pictured. The Sanborn map (fourth image) provides an overview of the entire site in 1910. Based on Natchez city directories, the Natchez Baking Company closed between 1941 and 1946.

The bake house photograph is part of the Dr. Thomas H. and Joan W. Gandy Collection, Hill Memorial Library, Louisiana State University.

c. 1900 view of the Natchez Baking Company's main building at 201-203 South Commerce Street. The Company also operated an additional branch on Franklin Street.

The bake house to the rear of the main building produced the bread for the company. This interior view shows the modern machinery utilized in the process.

This essay provides a description of the entire operation depicted in the historic image above.

1910 Sanborn Fire Insurance map of 201-203 South Commerce Street.


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