Mary (Mimi) Warren Miller

Executive Director Emerita


Mary W. (Mimi) Miller is Executive Director Emerita of HNF and remains a fulltime employee. She has been affiliated with HNF as a consultant or employee since 1979, except from 1989-l992 when she was a contract employee at MDAH. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, she has produced about 125 National Register nominations, 20 National Register Districts, and about 225 rehabilitation tax credit projects. She has worked in every county of the Natchez District and in 10 Louisiana parishes.

She authored the Historic Resource Study for the Natchez National Historical Park, which includes a study on African American history. She also wrote the developmental histories in the Historic Structures Reports for Melrose and the William Johnson House. She surveyed the Natchitoches NHL District and the Cane River Corridor, which was influential in the creation of Cane River Creole National Historical Park. In 2019, she completed a Historic Furnishing Study and interpretive plan for a slave cabin at Melrose. She is currently working on a multiple resource nomination of Civil Rights sites in Natchez and Adams County. She has written articles and books and lectured widely on the history, architecture, and decorative arts of the Natchez area. Since 2014, she has served on the Advisory Board of the Historic New Orleans Collection’s decorative arts survey and database project (Decorative Arts of the Gulf South).


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