HELP! Save the Sun n' Sand

From: Mississippi Heritage Trust

Mississippi Heritage Trust:

Take Action-Save the Sun-n-Sand. Call Your Senator and Representative Today.

Dear MHT Friends, If you want to see the Sun-n-Sand repurposed rather than demolished, now is the time to let your state senators and representatives know that this modernist icon could have a bright future instead of being demolished for a parking lot. Many of you signed the petition to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History asking that the Sun-n-Sand be listed as a Mississippi Landmark. Our advocacy efforts worked and this place that speaks to Mississippi’s political, literary, and Civil Rights history was listed as a Mississippi Landmark on January 24, 2020. Unfortunately, naming the Sun-n-Sand to our state’s highest historic designation did not start a dialogue about exploring redevelopment options and, without action this session by the Mississippi Legislature, the Sun-n-Sand will be demolished this summer for a parking lot.

SB 2277, which would allow the State of Mississippi to sell or lease the Sun-n-Sand to one of the many interested developers who want the opportunity to redevelop the property, is currently being considered by a joint House/Senate conference of the Public Property Committees.

Take Action. Call 601 359 3770 and leave a message for your representative and senator that you want to see the Sun-n-Sand repurposed rather than demolished. Developers are interested in the property but can’t do anything unless the State of Mississippi is willing to sell it.

Email them and share your thoughts about what the Sun-n-Sand has meant to Mississippi and what it could be in the future. Below is a link to rosters for both the House and Senate, along with lists with just email addresses:…/154RRm7DjrhHxDIj78o1LiBFDZE7EkbZ…

Share this post with your mod-loving friends and ask them to call and email today.

If you need additional information on the Sun-n-Sand, visit for stories from Elevation, The Journal of the Mississippi Heritage Trust, a petition, letters, and comments supporting the Mississippi Landmark designation and examples of other successful redeveloped modernist motels.

You know what to do-do it today!


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