What did the Historic Natchez Foundation do in 2019?

2019 was a busy year for the Historic Natchez Foundation. Many 2018 projects were completed, and several new projects were undertaken. From the continuation of the Natchez Outbuilding Study to the inheritance and sale of the Neil Varnell House, HNF has accomplished many of its goals throughout 2019. Below is a short list of the many preservation-related projects and happenings at HNF.

  • Received a Community Heritage Preservation Grant from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History to fund exterior repairs at the Natchez Institute.
  • Unveiled a new, redesigned website.
  • Inherited and sold the Neil Varnell House.
  • Saved an endangered historic house on Foster Mound Road. This building was transferred to Lynette and Buddy Tanner, who have moved it to Frogmore Plantation to restore it as their residence.
  • Finished the exterior restoration of the Prentiss Club.
  • Completed a furnishing study for the slave cabin at Melrose for Natchez National Historical Park.
  • Received a grant to digitize a portion of the historic Adams County courthouse records housed at the Historic Natchez Foundation.
  • Selected to host the 2020 Southeastern Society of Architectural Historians (SESAH) conference in Natchez.
  • Revamped the Natchez Balloon Festival and held a successful event this year.
  • Facilitated and housed 15 archaeology student interns from the University of North Carolina and Ole Miss this summer.
  • Completed paperwork for several tax credit projects and initiated 2 others.
  • Made substantial progress on the ongoing pre-Civil War Natchez Outbuilding Survey in partnership with MDAH and Natchez National Historical Park.


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