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Stay informed about preservation related happenings in and around Natchez.

  • Monday, March 15th

    New African American exhibits being installed at houses for Spring Pilgrimage

    Spring Pilgrimage 2021 has something new on display at some houses

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  • Friday, March 5th

    Read HNF's 2020 Newsletter: Progressive Preservation

    HNF has a busy 2020 despite COVID-19.

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  • Thursday, February 25th

    The Top Ten Best Places In America To Travel Right Now And Avoid The Pandemic

    Natchez #5 on the list

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  • Wednesday, February 24th

    Why Mississippi's Historic Tax Credit Program Matters

    329 projects from 2006-2018

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  • Thursday, February 11th

    Cheap old homes draw U.S. millennials escaping pandemic cages

    More millennials may leave big cities even after the pandemic is over

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  • Thursday, February 11th

    Researcher, educator, scholar Brent R. Fortenberry, PhD, named Director of Preservation Studies

    Congratulations, Dr. Brent Fortenberry!

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  • Friday, February 5th

    Learn more about Natchez's African American history

    ACHP interview on Preservation Perspectives podcast

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  • Thursday, February 4th

    Demolition Begins at the Sun-n-Sand Motor Hotel

    Unfortunate news out of Jackson.

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  • Monday, February 1st

    The Preservationists

    The champions of New Orleans' forgotten places

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  • Friday, January 29th

    USM Researchers Date Timbers from North Mississippi Structure to 1734

    After nearly two years of painstaking analysis, the group formed a startling conclusion

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