Foster Mound Road Residence

Parcel Number: Requires Moving
Acreage: NA
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North of Natchez on Foster Mound Road sits a delicately proportioned Italianate cottage earnestly awaiting a new owner. This rehabilitation project requires that the house be moved from its current location to another property within Natchez/Adams County. The building has maintained its architectural integrity but require a thorough renovation at a new site.

History & Architecture

The house was originally built and operated as the Pine Ridge Female Academy and Boarding House for Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church. In September 1867, President of the Board of Trustees, J.F. McCaleb, placed an ad in the Natchez Democrat marketing the property for rent, noting: "This property is well adapted for a public school; the location is very desirable as to health and convenient distance from the city, also, its close proximity to the Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church." Shortly thereafter, the building transitioned to a private residence.

The building retains most of its original architectural features. The symmetrical southern facing facade includes two entrances surmounted by horizontal transoms with hoods and six-over-six windows. Additionally, this facade includes a full-length porch supported by seven chamfered posts. The pyramidal roof sports a slight overhang supported by brackets placed evenly across each elevation. Currently, the interior consists of two blank spaces adaptable to any floor plan.

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