Raphael Building

505 State St.
Natchez, MS 39120
Parcel Number: 41-111E-88
Acreage: 0.14
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The Raphael Building has served Natchez in a variety of capacities since it was built circa 1840. Constructed as a two-story brick townhouse, the building historically operated as a residence above with commercial below. A 1940s addition, faced in modern brick, mimicked the original townhouse form and doubled the available square footage. Currently, the Raphael Building is in need of a visionary new owner to restore the building as a vibrant resource within Natchez's historic downtown. Contact HNF with any inquiries.


Situated in the heart of downtown Natchez, the Raphael Building has always operated as a business and residence. Since c. 1840, the building has housed a wide variety of businesses including a bakery, grocery store, lock smith shop, tenement housing, and law office. This lengthy history highlights the building's adaptability.

The historic image to the right depicts the Raphael Building as the Bluff City Bakery in c. 1900. According to Sanborn Fire Insurance Company maps the building operated as a bakery from at least 1892 until approximately 1925.

<p>Bluff City Bakery</p>


The Raphael Building was constructed in two sections. The c. 1840 portion, abutting Locust Alley, is a two-story brick townhouse surmounted by a hipped slate roof. The main facade includes a centered entryway flanked by windows with a matching arrangement on the second level. Although the original second story balcony no longer exists, evidence of its configuration remains. The c. 1940 addition is to the west of the original part of the building. Although slightly smaller in footprint, this portion includes a doorway to the right with a modern picture window to the left. The western facing facade of this 1940s section also includes a side gallery running the length of the building. The addition has a flat metal roof.

Despite exterior differences, the interior of the Raphael Building operates as a contiguous commercial space and residential area. The ground level interior features an expansive open space. Interior spaces within the second-story residence include bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen/dining area, and a sizable living room. Historic architectural features within this space include original window and door trim, hardware, and several original mantels.

The image to the right shows the building in 1962 as Kecheck's Grocery and Lock Smith.

Currently, the Raphael Building is in need of serious attention. Opportunities range from an ideal downtown investment to a comfortable and convenient private townhouse. Because of its location in the Natchez On-Top-of-the-Hill Historic District, the Raphael Building is eligible to receive historic tax credits for income producing rehabilitation projects. This joint state and federal tax program includes up to a 45% dollar-for-dollar reduction on income taxes.* Project guidelines include adhering to the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation.

*The Historic Natchez Foundation will provide assistance for any projects pursuing historic tax credits.

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